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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FREE WRITING WORKSHOP: How to Write When You Don't Feel Like It

When: 6 pm - 8 pm, Friday, September 21, 2012
Where: Mardel's, 5964 Barnes Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Are your writing goals just a fairy tale or reality? Writer, blogger, speaker Tiffany Stuart’s “How to Write When You Don’t Feel Like It” may be just the workshop you need to give you the jolt of inspiration you need to help you overcome fairy tale thinking. Let’s get real and practical. This encouraging workshop helps you:
  • Identify the obstacle preventing you from writing.
  • Reclaim your original passion to write and how keep your inspiration alive.
  • Determine the one step you need to take in the next seven days to turn fairy tale thinking into reality. 

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We Want Your Feedback This Friday, September 21

This Friday we'll discuss and ask for your feedback regarding our new upcoming Spring writing intensive titled “How to Write a Book Proposal” Training. For two years, our well-received training “Critique Group Training” was well attended. Two writing critique groups still meet that formed from those trainings. Our next January – June training will include how to critique, with an added practical goal—writing your book proposal.

“How to Write a Book Proposal” Training

Writing a book proposal intimidates and overwhelms most writers. But it’s far easier to put your passion on the page when you understand what the publisher needs to see if your book is a fit for their publishing house. Whether you’ve written two chapters or your entire book, you must write a book proposal to pitch it to an editor.

In January, in addition to our monthly speakers, Springs Writers will offer “How To Write a Book Proposal” Training.
This ongoing, interactive workshop will break down a book proposal in manageable steps—no matter how busy your life. We’ll introduce step-by-step—from beginning to end—each component of a book proposal, plus encourage and support you as you write your proposal, one step at a time. This ongoing workshop will help you:
  • Identify your target audience and write a pitch sheet.
  • Understand every component required by publishers for your book proposal.
  • Write your book proposal in doable small steps.
  • Learn how to receive and offer constructive feedback in a focus group to polish your book proposal.

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