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Friday, October 17, 2008

Springs Writers' October Meeting Recap

The "Getting to Know You" ice breaker helped Springs Writers connect and find out each other's genres and writing interests better.
What's the one thing that keeps you from writing?

This next month, what one writing goal will you set for yourself?

In three years, where do you want to be—writing wise?

Springs writers also asked each other about their writing goals.

Dianne Butt's packed her workshop "How to Write Query Letters for Magazines" full of must-know information.

Her handout was excellent for notetaking.

Do you find yourself avoiding markets that require queries? Dianne’s workshop took the fear out of writing a query letter.

She showed how to cover all the important information about your article (whatever that’s supposed to include), write it well enough to impress the editor with your writing ability (oh, the pressure!), and (what?!) limit it to only one page? She taught us that such a feat possible.
Open more markets for your work. Conquer the dreaded query letter! If you want to obtain Dianne's workshop, buy her pamphlet that provides her 18-point formula for writing queries. She answers to your query questions and also provides seven sample queries that sold articles for Dianne--all for only $3.95 plus shipping.

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